What We Believe

Our Core Values

Evangelism: Leading people to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Purpose: To equip believers in the church to lead others to faith in Christ.

We believe the church must motivate and equip believers to share the Biblical faith in such a way that lost people desire to enter into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Growth: Deepening Our Roots

Purpose: To integrate the practice of Spiritual Growth in the lives of our people.

We believe that individuals will grow as disciples only by intentionally cultivating an obedient, passionate, maturing love relationship with the Lord.

Nature of Ministry: Assessing Our Health

Purpose: To recover a Biblical understanding and practice of ministry.

We believe that the church must involve all believers in a vision-driven, team-oriented, outward-focused, shared ministry that will win the lost to Christ and build fruitful disciples.

Leadership: Raising Up Leaders

Purpose: To develop leaders who influence their ministry context so it becomes all that God intends.

We believe that the church must identify and train servant leaders who have the calling, character, competence, and conviction to inspire and equip others to discern and accomplish God’s will in their lives and in the life of the church.

For a more detailed explanation of what we believe click here (link to our denomination’s beliefs).